We Are The Premiere “Results Now”
Marketing Agency In The USA

Get Connected With The Right People, The First Time!
Get Quality Customers Without A Long Wait Time!

Does This Sound Familiar?


You’re struggling to find a consistent source of patients, customers, or clients?


You’re nervous about the debt you’re racking up to build your business?


You’re feeling overwhelmed due to trying different ways to grow your business?


You’re not doing any marketing because nothing seems to be working?


You’re feeling confused due to the online methods and techniques changing?


You’re frustrated because other businesses seem to be doing well, and not yours?


You’re losing sleep at night because your revenue is not increasing?


You’re feeling like a glass ceiling is on your business, and you can’t seem to break through?


You’re feeling burned out from working long hours, and stressing about your business?


You went to school or trained to operate your business.
You didn’t train to market your business.

The Good News Is – We Can Help!

We’re helping local businesses get what they want and need to grow their business. We’re doing something for our clients that other agencys don’t do for their clients.


1. You have be willing to take on more clients and customers.
2. You have to be willing to get started soon.
3. You have to have at least $200 to invest in Facebook advertising.
4. You MUST be serious about growing your business.

If you’re tired of not getting the results you deserve, of being confused and frustrated, and you’re ready to start getting real RESULTS,
then we are making the time for our team of marketing experts to bring you want you want and need for your business.

This is a LIMITED TIME Offer!

Need and Want

* More Customers * More Clients * More Patients
To Help Grow Their Business.

Businesses need their phones ringing,
customers, patients and clients walking into their
establishment, or contacting them online
through email; or making purchases online
through their websites.

Need and Want

* More Customers * More Clients * More Patients
To Help Grow Their Business.

Businesses need their phones ringing, customers, patients and clients
walking into their establishment, or contacting them online
through email; or making purchases online
through their websites.

How Do We Help Our Clients?

You Get The Clients and Customers Who Are Looking For You
You Get Results Without Spending a Fortune On Ads
You Get Results and Can Cut Your Marketing Losses
You Get Your Time Back To Work In Your Business
You Get Targeted Customers To You Quickly
You Get To End Your Marketing Frustration

We make the most of your marketing spend with visibility to hundreds of thousands
of qualified customers. We put your business in front of targeted people.

Get What Your Business Needs – Clients and Customers

Lead Generation is a $150 Billion Dollar Industry.  We Help Businesses Build Their Business.

Our team of Marketing Experts are ready to help take your brand, practice or business
to the next level. Explore marketing in the following areas:

* Digital Advertising *  Email Marketing * Website Designs* Media Activation
* Press Relations Promotions * Social Media Marketing * In-Store Marketing  * Hosting

The Life Blood Of A Business Is

The key to a business’ growth is getting new customers, and building more revenue!

Let us do the marketing and send you the leads and customers; while you work in your business doing what you received training to do. We’ll work ‘on’ your business; while you work ‘in’ your business to help it to grow.

92% of business owners are too busy working in their business, and don’t have the time, skills or desire to market their business. Because of inexperienced marketing, 50% of businesses fail.

Don’t Be A Statistic! Be A Survivor!

Many local business owners are not aware of the affordability and opportunity to reach new customers. Some have wasted 10’s of thousands of dollars on direct mailers, TV ads, Radio ads, Magazine ads and Media Ads with not much success. They have lost money, but also time!

Time is Money; Especially in Business.
We Can Help You


Our professional team of marketing digital experts
received training by some of the Top Business Marketers
who help build 7 figure businesses. Some have been featured on:


You try to market your business but the cost is so large; it stretches your budget.
You use Google ads and they drain your pockets with their high ad costs.
You pray this will be the day to see things turnaround – nothing happens.
You pay for leads that 8+ other companies also receive.
You offer discounts and pay ad company huge fee, and are left with very little profit.
You pay for those lost clicks and don’t see any results from it.
You realize the SEO company is not going to deliver the results they promised.
You try to run ads, and realize it is difficult; and you are not trained to do that.
You pay for people who come and just ‘click’ on your ads just for the sake of doing it.
You hope to see results from those hard earned dollars and see little if any.
You pay for something that you received no results from.
You wait months and maybe years trying to get on 1st page of Google.
You also realize there are only 10 spots on 1st page of Google. Everyone can’t be there.
You get to the leads too late. Your competitor has already contacted them.

There Are Problems Dealing With Getting Leads.

Our Experience “CONQUERS” That Dilemna
So That We Can Deliver Targeted Leads to Our Clients



STOP paying for that false hope; losing tens of thousands of dollars every month.


STOP taking a Shotgun Approach and just hoping you get sales.


STOP paying for leads that are resold to 8+ other businesses.


STOP waiting 5 – 6+ months to see results.


STOP losing your hard earned money.


STOP fishing in the wrong pond.

STOP fishing in the wrong pond.
We fish in the right pond and you see results!

We refuse to enter that world of false hope with our clients; taking businesses hard
earned money, knowing that it would take months to years and an enormous monthly
budget to get and maintain that 1st page placement.

Lead generation is not easy! Our marketing experts have a thorough understanding
of lead generation and the popular marketing platforms. They are experienced with
getting traffic that is not available to most others. They are experts.

We have believable methods that can deliver you leads quickly.

Quality leads are the life-blood of effective marketing for a business. We execute
strategies with deliverable results.

Let us attract the right customers for you.



Profitable Results
Results Fast. Your ROI matters to us.

Quality Results
Quality results by us.

Smart & Risk-Free Results
Our team of experts run ads with top traffic platforms

Transparent & Accountable
No long delay in seeing results. You see results quickly. We are always accountable for our results.


Wasteful Results
Testing, for months, experimenting with your dollars.

Shoddy Results
Low quality results, from amateurs.

Risky Results
Use bad methods that threaten your brand and reputation online.

Delays and Excuses
Lack of transparency. Long wait times before seeing results. Confusing. Costly. Time consuming. Excuses, delays, etc.


* Are you praying that today the phone rings and someone will call wanting your services or products?
* Are you staring at the door, hoping the door will open and customers come walking in?
* Are you looking at your email, seeing if potential clients have written you?
* Are you blogging, emailing, posting, searching frantically for clients and customers?

These methods are RISKY for any business.

It is like shooting a dart in an ocean. Many agencies will give you a False Hope; take your money and 6 months later you are still waiting for leads to come in.

Running your business with this type of marketing strategy can soon get your business wiped out.

We take a Risk-Free approach for our clients. Our approach is like shooting fish in a barrel.

We have a proven method to reliably generate leads and appointments for our clients. There is no “off the cuff” or ‘hap hazard’ marketing done by us. Our team of marketing experts know how to generate leads and have a winning system in place.

These are “Targeted” leads. These people are looking for YOU.

If you are looking for leads, and want to obtain them without blowing through your budget, we can help.

You will find our approach with our clients is what sets us apart from many other companies who provide similar services. We assign a Digital Marketing Representative to work directly with you. This allows you to have direct  communication with someone who knows first hand about your campaigns.

Work with an experienced and knowledgeable agency with teams of professionals to help grow your business.




Our Business Consultants Have Extensive Knowledge and Experience.

We deliver quality leads for our clients. Whatever your industry is, we can help.

Dentists, Chiropractors, Local Contractors, Churches, Lawyers, Mortgage Companys, ECommerce Businesses, Spas, Health Facilities, Service Providers; you name it,
we can get targeted, quality leads for you.


Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, In-Store Marketing, Media Activation, Press Relations,
Promotions, Social Media Marketing, Web Designs and Hosting.




* Yes! We provide you results fast! We let you see how we can deliver leads that will help grow your business. No waiting 5 – 6+ months to see results!

* We have a No Risk Offer.

* You can cancel at anytime.

* We don’t sign you up and then tell you “Give us 5 – 6+ months to begin delivering you leads. We let you see results quickly. Our customers stay on board. And, why would they want to leave?

* We put your business in front of those who are searching, looking for your products and services. We deliver targeted leads directly to you.


Marketing effectively is difficult. It takes a lot of trained skill and knowledge. You have to stay informed and current with the methods and techniques that change almost weekly.
If you are not up-to-date with what is working now you will fail.

Stop Falling Behind!

This is a Huge Opportunity For Us To Work Together!

Don’t Ignore This Offer! Schedule a FREE 10 Minute Phone Consult With Us Now!

We understand your time is valuable, and ours as well! We’ll discuss how we can help you!

This is a No Obligation Phone Call! Don’t Delay!
Go Now and Schedule a Call!

Results Fast !

Join our many Satisfied, Raving clients, who help provide us with their repeat business
and referrals to other business associates.



There are over 32 million small businesses in the USA; and that number is growing daily. We are helping USA businesses who are paying large amounts for their advertisements and marketing promotions.

We are a Full In-House Digital Marketing Agency. Our teams are all experts in digital marketing. We communicate with each other In-House and that allows us to communicate with our clients and know what is happening at all times.

Leverage your time and work in your business; doing what you love to do. Your expertise is not in marketing. Let us handle that for you. Our team of experts will get results for you.

Make An Appointment For A FREE 10 MINUTE Phone Consult Now!

eLocal Business Marketing
We are located in Indiana, and have clients across the USA. We have been in business for over 18 years; providing quality services to our clients. Our teams are all In-House.

Start With Us Now!

What We Do

What We Do

We work closely with our clients and give the care and personal attention that you deserve. We will do for your company what we do for our own, and that is do the ‘best’, to bring the ‘best’. We provide strategic solutions to help grow your business; so you can focus on your business.

Our digital marketing experts will discuss your goals and see how to effectively promote your business; to structure a strategy that will make good business sense. We are concerned about providing good results, and will focus on your business to bring good results.

Our digital marketing consultants work with businesses all across the U.S. We can help you reach more customers than ever with local lead generation. Work with an experienced and knowledgeable team to help grow your business.

Who We Are

We are located in Indiana, and have clients across the USA. We have been in business for over 18 years; providing quality services and products to our clients. Our teams are all In-House. We do not out-source any of our services. eLocal is an agency of local business consultants who are helping local businesses grow.

We are helping USA businesses see results with their advertisement and marketing promotions.

Let’s Partner Together and Help Grow our Business!

We let you see how we can deliver leads that will help grow your business.  No waiting weeks or months to see results!  You can experience our experts results in driving quality traffic to you!


No Risk Contracts

We know we will deliver results so we offer no risk contracts. You can cancel at anytime. We are confident in our delivery of leads to you. We don’t sign you up and say “Give us 5-6+ months to begin delivering you leads. Our customers stay on board. And, why would they want to leave? We deliver, and provide quality service.”

Ready To Get Started?

No long wait time for results! We get leads to you quickly. The leads are targeted leads. They are people looking for what you are offering. We put your business in front of those who are searching for you.


This is a No Obligation,
FREE Phone Consult.

We will explain our marketing methods that are delivering results to our customers, and how we can do the same for you. How much traffic do you actually want? What is your target goal for sales?


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